1) Go to https://matrimony.weddingyatra.com

2) On mobile devices click on menu icon at top right corner.

3) Click on register button

4) Fill out all information, enter referral code if you have it.

5) Click register button.

6) Verify your phone number using OTP.

7) Fill all information, and upload ID Proof.

8) After you upload all information our team will verify details you provided, for which you may receive phone call.

9) Once our team verifies correctness of details your account will be activated.

There could be multiple reasons for that

1) The number you've entered is incorrect.

Check your number, change if incorrect.

2) Your phone has poor signal reception

Move to open areas where signal qualify is good and then click on resend button

3) State has put temporary block on  SMS.

Sometimes governments blocks numbers temporarily, which may be required to stop propagation rumors or illegal activities, please try again later

4) Too Many Attempts

Sometimes when you try to send OTP multiple times, your ip will be blocked temporary, you can try again later

You can call our support team if such issues arise.

Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Driving license, Passport.

During peak load file upload may fail. Please contact support team.

Membership Plans

Absolutely, we do have free membership. Once you register you'll get free membership of  matrimony.weddingyatra.com, you can use this membership plan to search and shortlist profiles you prefer, Once your shortlist your desired partners, you may upgrade to paid plan and carry on furthur communication.

Paid membership allow you to communicate with your desired partner, you can express interest in someone, once they accept your interest you can view their contact info.

Some paid membership offer you featured profile feature.

Your profile will be shown to all users on home page, and will be shown on dashboard of all users. That way your profile gets more visibility.

On some plans we offer discounts for any event you have in you family, this discount is applicable to not just your wedding, you can get discount for any event you want to organize.

Contact Other Member

1) Visit profile page of your desired partner.

2) Click on heart icon to sent interest.

3) Once your desired partner accepts your interest you'll get notification on dashboard.

4) Click on that notification, open desired partners profile page.

5) Click on Call icon to see their contact details.

Once you find someone you're interest you can send them interest. They can accept your interest if they are interested in you. Once both you and your desired partner are mutually interested in one other. Both of you can contact other person.

Search Partner

With advance search you can find your desired partners, using many filters.

You can see ID of any profile, on profile page. You can use that id to find that profile directly instead of searching profile.

Visit profile page of profile you want to save, click on shortlist button to save their profile. You can view profiles you've shortlisted available from website menu once you login.

Photo Update Process

1) Visit your profile page.

2) Click on Round Grey Profile Photo, this will open photo upload page.

3) Upload and crop photo

4) Once photo is uploaded, it  will be approved within 24 hours

5) Once your photo is approved it will be visible on your profile.

6) If your photo is rejected your old photo will remain.

Your photo will be approved within 24 hours.

You photo must meet these guidelines for approval

1) It must be photo with you as subject. You are not allowed to upload photo showing other people, showing scenery or any other photo that can be misunderstood by others.

2) There should not be multiple people in photo in a way that becomes hard to recognize whose photo is it.

3) It must be decent, any inappropriate photos will be rejected

4) It should have good qualify, proper lightning, proper dimensions.


We dont give your contact info to anyone without your permission

1) Accept interest only after throughly checking profile.

When you receive someones interest, check profile before accepting interest. Because by accepting  interest you grant them permission to communicate with you. If profile looks fishy reject interest and inform our support team.

2) Choose strong password

Please dont use your mobile number or some common weak password for your account, if someone has your password they can use your account in appropriate ways.

3) Dont share password or payment information with anyone

Our team will never ask for your password or payment information.

1) Don't meet anyone until you trust them.

Chat on whatsapp first before you meet. Ask basic questions about each other get  to know each other online before meeting offline.

2) Always arrange meeting at safe place.

You should arrange your first few meetings at public places like coffee shop, malls etc basically anywhere its crowded is good place to meet.

3) Dont meet alone.

Always bring someone you trust, may be your family member, your best friend or your colleagues with you when you meet.

4) Stay in touch with your family

Your family/parents love you much more than you could possibly imagine. Please keep them updated if you are meeting someplace or you are going to be late.